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How to receive analyses of the performance of your store’s gift card and loyalty program, and what do the analytic metrics mean.

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In this article you will find- 

  1. How to access the analytic metrics for your store

  2. What to the analytic metrics mean?

Accessing your store’s analytic metrics

In your Rise dashboard on the home page, you are presented with analytic data regarding the performance of your loyalty and gift card programs. 

What do the analytic metrics mean?

Credit Issued- All store credit generated by Rise, including manually issued credit, refunds and rewards. Does not include gift cards.

Gift Card Sales- The value of all of the Gift Cards bought in your store through Rise.

Total Revenue from Rise- The up-sell received by using loyalty and gift cards. Meaning, the value of all of the orders that used store credit or gift cards issued by Rise, minus the store credit\gift card value.

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