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Learn how Rise prevents sending Gift Cards and Store Credit for fraud orders.

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Now that nearly 10% of all fraud attempts in the eCommerce world are centered around gift cards, it is even more crucial to protect your business. Learn how Rise does it with you.

In this article you will learn:

  1. How Rise prevents gift card fraud.

  2. How you will be notified regarding the fraudulent gift card.

  3. How Rise integrates with your fraud prevention system.

  4. How to Rise prevents store credit reward fraud.

How Rise prevents gift card fraud

Rise uses both Shopify’s native algorithms as well as internal fraud prevention tools from stopping fraudulent gift cards from being sent.

When a purchase of a Rise’s gift card is purchased and flagged by us or by Shopify as a fraud risk over 0, the order will not be fulfilled and the gift card will not be sent to the customer.

Instead, we will flag the gift card as a fraud risk, and it will not be sent to the recipient. You'll also receive a notification, which will allow your customer care team to assess the order and determine whether to send the gift card or not.

Once the vetting process is done, simply click the “Fulfill” button to send the gift card to the recipient.

Please note that the Rise fraud protection will flag as fraud all gift card orders that are purchased with another gift card or with a discount code.

In order to fulfill the Gift Card:

  1. Go to your Rise dashboard -> Activity tab.

  2. Search for the Gift Card (by email or name) and click the ‘Fulfill’ button.

How you will be notified

Rise will send a notification to the email associated with your Rise account (you can learn how to change this email here).

The email you receive will provide the reason the order was flagged and the order number, enabling you to promptly assess the order and determine whether or not to fulfill the gift card.

If you'd like to change the email address that receives the fraud notifications specifically, please reach out to our team via chat or at [email protected].

Integrations with your fraud prevention system:

Rise seamlessly integrates with anti-fraud services used by the store including Shopify’s anti-fraud native tool using the fraud risk score these integrations use.

Rise’s anti-fraud tool is automatically enabled for all users to ensure peace of mind and complete security.

Fraud prevention for store credit rewards:

The store credit rewards are sent only after the order's status is changed to 'paid'. They are also canceled if the order is refunded or canceled. You can learn more about under which conditions rewards are canceled here.

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