Adding Your Logo to All Emails from Rise

Insert your brand's logo into all Store Credit and Gift Cards emails sent from Rise

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In this article you will find:

  1. How to insert your logo to your emails.

  2. How to send a preview email to see it.

How to insert your logo into the emails sent to your customers:
First, go to your dashboard -> "Emails" -> "Preview & Edit" on any of the emails.

  • The "Global Theme" is where you change the general styling of all of your emails.

  • All changes in the "Global Theme" will apply to all emails to make sure that you keep your brand’s design language.

To add your logo to your emails, select 'Logo' and then the 'Change' button. You can also adjust the size and place a link.

Here's how you can get your logo's URL:

To get you logo's URL, right-click on your logo at your store, then click on Copy image address, then paste it in the Logo URL field.

How to send a preview email to see it:

Simply click on the 'Send Test' at the bottom of the edit section. 

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