"Rise’s connector provides new ways to automate retention experiences. Brands can now provide rewards and cashback based on super-targeted customer behavior across a store or other app that works with Flow. This flexibility unlocks a wide range of automations that Shopify Plus merchants can use to create experiences customers will want to come back for."


Anthony Kentris
Product Marketing Manager, Shopify Plus

If you're a Shopify Plus merchant, you now have an easy way of sending out Gift Cards based on rules you set up via the new Shopify Flow app.

In this article you will find:

How to set up rules to send out Gift Cards such as: 

  • Buy $X and get a $Y Gift Card.

  • Buy product Z and get a $W Gift Card.

  • Issue a $X Gift Card on a customer's birthday.

First, locate your Shopify Flow app in your Shopify admin Apps page:

Then, click on the app and set up a new Work Flow:

Flow examples:

  • Customer that spends over $400 will get a $20 Gift Card:

You can use this rule to set up different tiers of Gift Cards, for example - spend $200 get a $10 Gift Card, spend $500 get a $60 Gift Card.

  • Send out a Gift Card if a specific product is bought:

  • Send out a $20 Gift Card on a customer's birthday.

You can read more about Shopify Flow and see further examples here.

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