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Starting to Rise

Learn about Rise's unique features, and get started with Store Credit Rewards, Gift Cards, and loyalty accounts.

Account Settings

Learn how to set up your account with Rise.

Loyalty & Rewards

Learn how to encourage your customers to be loyal returning customers, with your own loyalty program.

Gift Cards

Learn how to set up, manage and customize all aspects of the Gift Card product at your store.

Store Credit

Learn how to send Store Credit in multiple ways, and how your customers can check and redeem it.


The Rise Referrals Program : Incentivize customers to promote your store

Advanced WorkFlows Rules

Automated rules for sending Store Credit rewards, marketing campaigns and customer segmentation.

Asset Customization

Learn how to create a branded and beautiful experience for your customers

Analytics & Performance

Learn how to track your programs' performance


Learn which apps we integrate with and set up instructions


Get inspired by our top merchants designs


Learn how to make the most out Rise.