In this article, we are going to cover-

  1. How Rise integrates with CartHook.

  2. How to activate and use this integration.

How Rise integrates with CartHook

Rise integrates with Carthook so you can use your Rise Gift Card & Loyalty program with the Carthook checkout.

Customers will be able to purchase and redeem gift cards as well as utilize the rewards program you build with Rise.

How to activate the Carthook integration

  1. Make sure you have both Rise and CartHook installed.

  2. Reach out to CartHooks support ( [email protected]) to apply to this integration

  3. Go to your CartHook dashboard -> Apps -> Add the Rise app to your CartHook account.

4. You are now integrated! You can start setting up your gift card & loyalty programs with Rise.

Please note-

  1. If you uninstall Rise, the gift cards that were previously issued will not work.

  2. Gift cards will not be accepted until the integration is set up with Shopify and Rise.

  3. Only the Essential Templates will support gift card use. The older Basic Templates are not compatible and will not work with the Rise gift card integration.

  4. Existing Shopify gift cards will work with Please reach out in order to sync any existing Shopify gift cards you may have.

  5. To complete the purchase, shoppers will be required to input a credit card (or other payment option.) The gift card balance will only be applied to the checkout total. The requirement for a credit card or other payment method on checkout is to support post-purchase offers.

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