In this article we cover-

  1. How you can promote your Gift Cards to your community using Facebook.
  2. How does it look like for your customers?
  3. How to set up your free Facebook promotions

Promoting Your Gift Cards with Facebook

As a part of Instagram’s & Facebook’s effort to help small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook is now offering free Gift Card promotions for small businesses (see how you can promote your Gift Cards through Instagram here). Rise integrates with Facebook to allow all of our merchants to benefit from this program.

Facebook will promote your Gift Cards to people in your community, based on location, free of charge. This will help your local community discover your digital Gift Cards and encourage them to support you through these challenging times.

How will it look like for customers?

On the top of the Facebook home page, people in a radius of 10 miles from your store’s location will see a tab leading them to support local businesses, in this tab your store’s Gift Card will be featured.

How to Set Up your Gift Card Facebook Promotions

Good news! No need to set up.

All of our merchants are automatically added to this program 48 hours creating the Rise Gift Card product.

To check if it is working for your account, just enter a Facebook account in the area of your store’s physical location, and check if you appear in the ‘Support Local Businesses’ section.

If you'd like to disable this, you can do so in your Rise dashboard -> Gift cards -> Turn off the Facebook toggle, and then save on the top of the page.

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