In this article we cover-

  1. How you can promote your Gift Cards to your community using Facebook.
  2. How does it look like for your customers?

Promoting Your Gift Cards with Facebook

As a part of Instagram’s & Facebook’s effort to help small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook is now offering businesses to add a gift card button to their Facebook page (see how you can promote your Gift Cards through Instagram here). Rise integrates with Facebook to allow all of our merchants to benefit from this program.

Now customers will easily be able to see that you provide gift cards, and can purchase one with a click of a button through your Facebook page 😊

How will it look like for customers?

A buy gift card button will be added to your Facebook page, beneath the cover photo.

How to Set Up your Gift Card Button

First off, make sure your store has a Facebook page.

Then, collect your Facebook gift card link from your Rise dashboard -> Gift card tab -> Sales channels section.

After doing so, follow these steps to add the button to your account-

1. Go to your Facebook Page.

2. If you don’t have a call-to-action button, click +Add a Button under your Page’s cover photo. If you already have one, hover over your call-to-action button and click Edit Button.

3. Click Shop with you, then choose Purchase Gift Card in the dropdown menu.

4. Click Next -> Website Link.

6. Enter the link to your gift card you collected from the Rise dashboard.

8. Click save and when you're done click Finish 😊

Now customers can purchase your gift card straight through your Facebook page!

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