In this article you'll find:

  1. How to enable Apple Wallet in your Store Credit & Gift Card emails.
  2. How to customize your Apple Wallet Page.
  3. How your customers can use it.

How to enable Apple Wallet pass via Rise:

Go to your dashboard==>Gift Cards tab==>Apple Wallet.

Then, click on the Enable Apple Wallet Passes checkbox:

Now you've added a new button to your emails, that allows customers to add a Gift Card or Store Credit to their Apple Wallet:

How to customize your store’s Apple Wallet page:

You can customize your entire page in the Apple Wallet:

  1. Apple Pass Header
  2. Card color
  3. Regular text color
  4. Custom Logo (in header)
  5. Custom banner

How your customers can use it:

Your customers will always be able to access their remaining balance in their apple wallets, without having to save the code or the email with the Store Credit/Gift Card code.

If you’re using Shopify POS at your brick-and-mortar, you’ll be able to instantly scan the code in the Apple Wallet and apply the credit left to the cart.


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