In this article you will find:

  1. How to modify the subject, title and body of the emails.
  2. How to send a preview email to see it.
  3. How to modify the template of the email.

How to modify the emails
First, go to your Rise dashboard => Email Notifications.
Most merchants will have only one tab - Gift Cards. If you use the eGift feature, choose the kind of emails you'd like to modify. We'll talk about "templates" later in this article.

Then, choose the specific email you'd like to customize:

You can then start by entering a subject and title for the email. Expert tip: when choosing the "Store Credit email" - the subject and title you enter will automatically appear in your manual "Issue Store Credit" popup.

Scroll down, and you can see that all HTML is customizable:

If you'd like to change the text, make sure you change the the black parts only.

You can also modify the rest of the code as you wish, but keep in mind that breaking it will lead to emails not being sent. Expert tip: send yourself a preview after every modification. If the email is sent to you as usual, it means the code is a-okay👌

How to send a preview email to see it

In any email, you'll have a button on the upper right corner- 

Once you click the “Send Preview” button, you will receive the modified email exactly as it would be sent to the future email-receiver.

How to modify the template of the email

This tab will only appear on Premium accounts as this is a Premium feature. Let us know if you need any assistance in template modification.
If you need extensive code modification is needed and you do not have front-end developers, you can reach out to Store Tasker for assistance.

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