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What are “actions":

Actions are different options to reward/segment your customers, when the trigger and conditions are met.

How to select an action:

After setting up a trigger and conditions for your WorkFlow, it’s time to choose an action to take once the conditions are met. To choose an action, click on “Add action”:

 Possible actions:

  • Issue Store Credit - Once conditions are met, Store Credit will be issued automatically. You can set the rewarded Store Credit to be either fixed, or dynamic:
  • Fixed - A fixed amount of Store Credit will be sent if the conditions are met.
  • Dynamic - Store Credit will be issued as a percentage of the cart value.
  • Expiration date - You can set an expiration date for your Store Credit. The expiration date can be either fixed (e.g: 12/31/2020) or dynamic (e.g: 60 days):
  • Issue Limited Store Credit - Limit your Store Credit rewards to specific collections. Insert the collection ID for which you would like the Store Credit to work. You can see the collection ID at the top of the collection page on your Shopify admin:

The amount of credit created can be either fixed or dynamic (see above):

  • Add Customer Tags - Add a new tag to a customer. For example: Add “Gold” tag to a customer with a life time spent of more than $2000.
  • You can add multiple actions for each case, such as “Issue Store Credit” and “Add customer tag”:

Once you’ve finished adding an action to your WorkFlow, make sure you save and enable the WorkFlow, so it will be active and running at your store.

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