In this article you will find:

  1. What are “triggers”.
  2. How to select a trigger (“Select Trigger”) for your WorkFlow.
  3. Explanation on each offered condition.

What are “triggers":

Triggers are different options to initiate a WorkFlow on which you can reward/segment your customers. 

How to select a trigger to initiate a WorkFlow:

  • Click on "Select Trigger" button.
  • Select a trigger from the triggers list.

Possible triggers:

  • Order Created - the WorkFlow will be activated when an order is complete, even if the payment wasn't captured.
  • Order Paid -the  WorkFlow will be activated only when the payment is captured, which enables fraud prevention. This trigger is only available for our Pro plan users and above.
  • Account Created - the WorkFlow will be activated when an account has been created at your store.
  • Launch Campaign: Send Store Credit to your customers with a click of a button, without any action taken by them.

To launch the campaign, click on the Launch button in the Workflows manage tab:


  • Using different combinations of triggers will enable you to cover more use cases.
  • You can only use one trigger in each WorkFlow, with multiple conditions and actions.

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