For the first time on Shopify, you can now enable your customers to use Gift Cards and Store Credit while using the Bold Cashier checkout. 

In this article you will find:

  1. How to activate the Rise<>Bold integration.

  2. How to redeem Gift Cards and Store Credit rewards.

  3. How to migrate your old Gift Cards into Rise.

  4. FAQ.

How to activate the Bold integration:

First, make sure you have both Rise & Bold Cashier on your Shopify store.

Then, go to the Bold Cashier app==>Marketplace, and click on Install on the row:

Approve the conditions and the apps will be integrated immediately  :)

How to redeem Gift Cards and Store Credit rewards:

Once the integration is enabled, Gift Cards will be a new payment method on your checkout.

All your customers will need to do is to insert their Gift Card/Store Credit code into the input box and click “Apply”

The balance of the Gift Card/Store Credit will be updated once the checkout is complete. You can manage all of your Gift Cards, Store Credit rewards, and accounts in the Rise app.

How to migrate your old Gift Cards into Rise:

If you're migrating your Shopify Gift Cards or migrating from a different platform, Please contact us through the chat box or mail to Rise Support for further help.


Q: Can a customer insert more than one code at checkout?

A: Yes, simply insert the codes and apply them one by one.

Q: Can I see the Gift Cards and codes at the Bold cashier app?

A: No, managing the Gift Cards and Store Credit is done through the Rise dashboard, as it has all the setup and & tools that cannot be implemented in the Bold Cashier app. However, you can see the Gift Cards at your Shopify admin==>Products==> Gift Cards.

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