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How to integrate multiple Shopify POS.

  • If your physical and digital stores are on the same Shopify URL -  Good news! our Rise Gift Cards are already integrated with your Shopify POS. Any changes and transactions with the cards will automatically change in your dashboard and reflect when customers use them on your online store.
  • If your physical and digital stores aren't on the same Shopify account - Rise offers a unique multi-channel solution that will enable Gift Cards to work across platforms and brands. A Gift Card that is bought in your online store will work on any of your Shopify POS and vice versa. In order to facilitate this solution, you will need to either create your physical gift cards via our system, or give us a CSV file of the gift card codes and balances already created. Please contact us through the chat box or mail to Rise Support to enable this service.
  • Store Credit Rewards on your POS: let your customers accumulate Store Credit Rewards on their accounts, and allow them to spend their credit on your online store or on your brick and mortar stores.

How to integrate with different types of POS:

  • Rise is uniquely able to connect your POS with your Shopify store. This integration will automatically sync your 3rd party POS with Shopify’s systems.
  • You can integrate your POS and your online store by manually changing the Gift Card balance from your Rise dashboard. In order to facilitate this, we would need to first migrate all of your old cards into our system. After the migration, whenever a customer comes in your physical location with a gift card generated by a 3rd party POS, go into your Rise dashboard==> Gift Cards==> Manage - look for the code and manually modify it according to its use.


Q: I have a few physical stores, does each one needs a Rise account?

A: In order for Rise to connect with your store, the app needs to be installed on it. Contact us to receive special pricing for multiple stores through the chat.

Q: How\Where can I print the Gift Cards?

A: You can generate a CSV file via our system and take it to any vendor near you, saving you high shipping rates.  We can offer a few companies that provide a great plastic Gift Card experience: CardSource, PlasticPrinters, DuraCards.

Q: How can I offer physical cards on my online store?

A: Create a product called “Physical Gift Cards”. This will be a physical product at your store. We recommend creating a landing page that will tell your customers you support both physical and digital cards. Check out how Christopher and Banks rocked it:

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