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  1. Ideas and use cases for creating Store Credit. 

  2. How to send Store Credit.

Our Issue Store Credit tool lets you easily send branded Store Credit directly to the recipient along with an explanation and graphics to fit your store.

When should I send Store Credit?

  • Returns and Refunds - give your customers Store Credit for returned items and encourage them to purchase again in your store.

  • Increase Customers Retention - send rewards and loyalty cards for birthdays, new subscriptions or contest winners.

  • Customers Satisfaction - send Store Credit as compensation for shipping delays, product malfunctions or dropped orders.

How to send store credit:

Step 1 - Click on the Issue Store Credit button on the dashboard header, or on the home page.

Step 2 - Search for a customer or fill in the customer’s details and the email content.

Step 3 - Choose an expiration date (optional), for a specific date or dynamic (by days, weeks, months or years).

Step 4 - Select a reason for sending Store Credit, click on the Send Store Credit button and authorize the sending.

Good to know:

  • Store Credit will always be issued as a Loyalty Card, or will be added to a customers' Loyalty Card. The credit will be tagged as "Manually Issued", in the customer's account, with the reason and note.

  • Customer account - customers can see their Store Credit balance when logging into their store account. Customers without an account can see their balance on the check balance page, which is set up via the Rise app.

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