In this article you will find:

  1. How to create a Bulk Manual Campaign.
  2. How to export and send your new codes.

*This feature is enabled for 'Pro' plan users and above. If needed to be used during the trial period, a charge will be applied.

Create physical Gift Cards for your physical store, 3rd party vendors or for another business who wants your Gift Cards for their employees. With our Bulk Gift Card feature you can do it quickly and easily. Just see - How Roka drove a 514% ROI on a Bulk Gift Cards Campaign.

How to create a Bulk Gift Card Manual campaign:

Step 1: Click on the Bulk Gift Cards -> Campaigns in your Rise Dashboard, then press Create Campaign on the top right side:

Step 2: Click on Manual tab and fill in your campaign details:

  • Campaign Name - name your campaign.
  • Gift Card Balance - you can add Gift Cards with various balances in a campaign by clicking the Add different value Gift Card option on the right-hand side (see example).
  • Count - choose how many Gift Cards for each balance.
  • Expiration Date - choose an expiration date for the Gift Cards (optional).
  • Click on Create Gift Cards.

Step 3: Export

The app will create a CSV file with all your campaign details. This process might take a few minutes if you are creating more than 100 Gift Cards.

When the process ends, press Export to download your CSV file:

Step 4: Send your Gift Cards

After the export, you will receive a CSV file with the codes, balances and expiration dates. Add those details to your campaign, with the names and emails of your customers.

Send the Gift Cards at once through your email platform (MailChimp, SendGrid etc.). We recommend customizing the email for your campaign based on the column headers from the CSV. 

Good to know:

  1. If you want to create a Bulk Campaign, but exceeded your Gift Cards limit in your plan, you can upgrade your plan or contact us through the chat.
  2. You can see all the Gift Cards created in the Gift Card tab -> Manage on the dashboard, the codes will be tagged under Source as Campaign.

Have a great Campaign!

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